Twisted Mistress or Nautalai?


For those that have swung both...which one performs the best? I know durability with the TM is less than desirable...but I'm speaking purely performance here.


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The DB44 Naut will squash the TM now.

TM had a smaller sweet spot, but bigger EL to me than the Red Naut.

Red Naut had a 1/2oz type load. Bigger sweet spot.

I can't stress it enough - The whole 13" gets stupid good. There's something to the way the composite is woven on that Continuous Fiber tech barrel. Makes for a huge hot spot and gets game ready in so few hits.

TM is good, doesn't take much work. But when comparing 13" to 13" - Why take a smaller sweet spot? Especially if they will offer comparable loads now.

Hurry up and add a Fulk Nautalai too. And a Juggy... (Wishful thinking)...
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I have a red natty and my buddy just received a twisted mistress. I’ll be honest both are stupid I’m not sure I could chose between them. Out of the wrapper both are hot my natty had about 50-75 swings on it tonight and his TM was fresh out of the wrapper and hitting the ball just as far. That being said by the end of bp and putting around 50 swings on his TM there was pretty bad paint flakes. So not real sure the durability on these but definitely hot.
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I've both today and both are bombs but sweet spot is bigger on nautalai. Feeling is better too with nautalai.

I hit close 300ft from a tee with both of them off the wrapper and i worked my wrist snap only.

Still no web on them but i only hit 30 time time each so.... Little too early to tell wich one will be more durable.

Btw TM is 28oz and Red Naut 29.5


not much different then the red naut!

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