What is the best 2016 Asa demarini bat? Also the 15 juggy seems hotter than the DNA?


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I'm usually a miken guy, but my favorite bat of all time is the mizuno crush. I loved how the barrel seemed almost soft. I'm actually still swinging a 98freak with a million swings on it. You might laugh but it keeps up with the new bats.

The background is to help with my questions?

I bought a DNA to check out the hype, and I needed a new bat before the freak98 breaks. So far in my opinion the 2015 demarini juggy seems like a better bat? Feel, exit speeds, distance, and sweet spot? Am I crazy?

So I'm thinking I might sell or trade the DNA.. And pick up a 2015 juggy, or a 2016 demarini.

So the million dollar question with information I provided.. What 2016 demarini should I buy?


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^^^what he said. If you like the '15 Juggy, just swing it. If it breaks, buy another '15 Juggy at 70% of the price of the '16 line. If my '14 Juggy ever breaks or fails compression (which I'm starting to think may never happen; it's been on the limit for a year now), I'll buy whichever Juggy is on clearance at that time, be it the '15 or the '16 (or the '17!?).

But, if you insist on buying a '16 model, stick with the Juggy line if that's what you swing best.


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Swung a 16' OG AM and that thing is crazy hot.

I haven't hit with one but I've seen a lot of people swinging the 16 og (have a couple on the team that swing it) and I'm really impressed with how the ball comes off that thing. One of the longest shots I witnessed was off the 16 og am.