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    College Umps

    They seem to be a lot more giving on the outer half than inside for sure too
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    Looking for a Team in MI

    Go to liberty any given night. Some one will be short and if you're any good you'll catch on with somebody
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    2016 Battle Creek @ Bailey Park. Looking to put together a team.

    Too far out for league, but if you got some local tourny's give me a shout. Always need a good reason to be in the battle creek area. Girlfriend doesnt go for I'm going to battle creek to go to Hotz anymore, and detroit and toledo casinos are closer for gambling purposes. She's getting too smart
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    Batting average?

    Used to keep track for the whole team. Had about 4 people who played that one league and that one league only for tons of years. A father, his two sons, and a nephew. My dad coached the team. They were always arguing lineups and decisions so one season just kept stats from beginning to use when...
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    GTG Swampdonkey1 is GTG

    Made a deal selling him a used L4.0. Was up front with what he wanted and what he was willing to spend. I had one fitting his price and description so deal was agreed upon. Once deal was agreed upon Paypal was sent within the hour. Maintained constant communication through negotiating to...
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    The fine line between being a jerk and playing hard..

    The true issue here is its always the league only rec all stars playing their weekly world series that are stating "I play hard" and do this **** that endangers the middle infielders or does the snap throws that never work and either end up bouncing off the fence or the baserunner and the...
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    Can't find proper area, but price check. 26 oz Monsta

    Thanks for helping out with little info to go off of
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    Can't find proper area, but price check. 26 oz Monsta

    Believe its the original. White shell. Blue writing. What they first came out with before they followed up with the DNA and whatever else
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    Can't find proper area, but price check. 26 oz Monsta

    unknown number of hits. I am second owner. Bought in May and have probably added 100 swings myself. Normal field, bag, and cosmetic damage. Will post photos if I decide to sell in selling section.
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    Who would be interested in wood bats and good balls again?

    I've hit them at every level. I hit them with metal in high school, in wood bat summer ball after high school, and consistently in softball. My point is it's sickening how much technology can cover lack of skill these days so give us a decent ball instead of mush with wood bats and lets see who...
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    Who would be interested in wood bats and good balls again?

    After last night I want to either retire or find/start a league that uses wood only and good balls, and see who can really play. Saw the definition of composite hero. It was a rain make up for a week we were off anyway, but went to see my buddy's team and hang out. Their cleanup hitter I'd been...
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    Oldest player on your team to ever hit a home run?

    My uncle used to hit them regularly hitting 5-6 in our lineup at 49 in ASA leagues. He got sick that winter and never got into senior ball, but wouldve been dangerous for him to swing senior bats
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    2014 Easton L4.0 Helmer ASA Only is a dud?

    Not 100% sure what you mean. Are you saying there is a different tester or that the standard is different. I was more so looking for answers and comparing readings. I tested an OG Mayhem ASA (orange) the same time I know is for more broken in and it was around 270. I was just trying to see...
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    .52 balls- Have they made you a better hitter?

    It hasn't made me concentrate more and I have'nt seen much difference other than the mi**** home run that goes 303' doesn't happen no more. Only change is I've found it made me much more patient. I'm taking more pitches, and hitting better pitches so the power is possibly more consistent than...
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    2014 Easton L4.0 Helmer ASA Only is a dud?

    Update: Probably about 400 swings on it now. Tested compression and it was between 340-350 on all sides. That explains alot in the lack of pop, but doesn't explain why it was decent out of the wrapper and crap now. My brother says he likes it, but like I said never has played more than 1 team a...