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  • I am having zero luck on finding a team. I don't think I am going to get to play send Tee instructions so at least I can keep hitting. Found out I have to get my bats inspected too before I can use them.
    Trying to get some good advice on a couple bats... what is a better bat: 27 Synergy+ RI or 27 Blue Worth Mayhem m75/120 Easton has about 100 hits and looks tight, Worth has about 200 hits with a couple of paint chips and little bit of ware and tare on the end cap, but still looks pretty tight. Thanks
    we combined teams this year again. We took most of our guys and guys from my brothers team are joining us this year. I thought we were going along and if that was the case we would have needed a few. But the guys decided to go this route. I think they are short for fenwood on the 24th I'm going to be gone and so is another one of our outfielders that weekend. I'll be down in Milwaukee.
    The only thing I could trade right now would be the ASA titan like I said and I could give you my weighted bat but I would like to remachine stuff for you so it doesn't weight 8 lbs like it does now.
    aight well lmk i got a 26 and 25 oz maxload that i am prolly selling i am changing my mind and bag again.....
    Awesome...Don't do what we did last week and use 3 out of 5 of your dingers up by the 4th inning. Screwed ourselves big time and lost. I don't play co-ed, haven't played it in 6 years I can't stand it rather just stick to men's league. I'm too competitive for co-ed so I'm told by my brother.
    I have used the Nexus a few Batting Practices. First Co-Ed game tonight, first Men's game next week. Still seems like it is stiff to me. So I have been letting others use it in Batting Practice. Slowly Breaking it in......Can't wait till it gets hot!
    No I don't have the classic anymore I got rid of it...Nothing else gets used much with an anti-virus and SCN9. I play out in Millan I play a lot in surrounding tournaments Edgar, Fenwood, name a few. I play for Colorvision its a printing company out of Edgar. You? where do you play? and for Who?
    love it got it as a warranty return for juggy. a total 180 from the juggy. hot out the wrapper. drop 15 out 20 280+ on monday in bp.
    hey you still have that miz classic? hey where you from or should i say where you play and for whom?
    how much you looking to get for the helmer. U-trip don't have much value around me since there isn't much to play
    Lucky you man. I was all geared up to go hit this weekend and sure enough that damn wisconsin weather had to go and drop more snow. Hopefully this coming weekend.
    Yes for the price on the Nexus, I stole it. Just waited and dropped a final offer. Can't wait to hit it.
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