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  • I'm going to text you later either today or tomorrow, thank you for any and all help. I haven't played since 2017 and I just want to play. I hurt my knee in 2018, had surgery and now I want to see if I can still play decently
    Dent it was so cool to meet you at the fields in St George. I wasn't able to get over to chat more, because we had a lot going on at the time. We ended up playing through Sunday and taking the championship. Hope you did well and had fun.
    Den I need something broken in to take to Vegas, you got anything available????
    Den sorry you will miss the tourney there will be others. Guess what I did tonight:D 2-3 with 2 singles and 2 RBI's:eek::eek::eek::eek: Swinging a bat at about 75 percent causes me no pain at all. I am only swinging for basehits. Just tried to hit 5-6 hole and I did it 2 outta 3 times. I am just gonna DH for awhile. Throwing a ball overhand is very painful, I am probably 2-3 months from even thinking about throwing a ball. Take care and tell the marine hi:D
    Nope still NIW, 4 day in a row over an hour on hold trying to get RA#'s, have also sent in by email on monday and still no response. Said it takes 3 business days, they are becoming flat ****ing terrible.
    The rehab is going, sucks being laid up but time will heal. Glad that mailman finally got around to getting there. Seems like he took a little bit longer than he should have, I am sorry about that. Now if I could just get ahold of Easton Sports I would be happy.
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