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  • other than ebay or google online i am not sure who carries them anymore. Academy sports used to sell them but I haven't checked in a while
    Yes I am the coach at Holloman. Little lefty that plays first base. We had a good weekend at state, took third. Really looking forward to Mil Worlds at the end of the week. Chris is good ****! Wish he was healthy enought to go to Worlds with us, really glad he came over. Take care bro!
    Nah bro were going to midland on the 23-24 this time..standing in line now about to mail the cards I owe u..
    nah man havent ever hear of that tourney, but then again I've only been here since Oct. For some reason there is alot of big time tourney ball here in the middle of nowhere for some reason. Def hit me up bro.
    No we will not be there. I had like 8 guys drop out this weekend so we are out. It looks like we will go to Lackland next weekend if all goes well. This month its rough. We have played allot of tournaments and now people are playing with their normal teams. I am hoping to get into a few more. You all playing in the fathers day tournament in Cruces?
    Looks like we may be moving to San Antonio, TX. bro! We may be neighbors after all!
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