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  • hey bro havent heard from ya in awhile hope everything is goimg well for ya. HOPE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAYS.
    To tell you the truth its opposite for me I don't swing as hard anymore and hit the ball just as hard. The stadium needs about 500 swings to reach its potential before then it is nothing special for most...
    Stadium is ok, to me it seems like you gotta swing real hard for them to perform, and unless im mad I don't have the strength to flex the barrel on them...been liking the Z's too cuz I can show up to ball all stoned and half ass swinging and still get good hits, lol..
    I know you all into 2 piece bats now, have you tried the worth duo? WOW! Its the first 2 piece I've been able to hit with...probably comparable to a legend with a lot of EL...you don't even fell the ball come off the bat when you hit the screws...its got that weird "no feedback" feel but boy do the balls fly...
    I recently purchased a Demarini Stadium and they were checking bats this past week. My bat for some reason did not pass the compression test. I contacted T. Martell regarding the issue, he helped me in every single way to make sure the bat was legit and to make sure that the city league was aware of this. He made time to get together with me and to go with the league to get the bat checked again.

    Everything got cleared and im able to use my bat again.
    Thanks Travis so much for helping me out!!! I greatly appreciate it!!
    Are you playing anywhere this weekend? Would you be interested in playing in a co-ed tourney down in Cruces? LMK, we need 1 or 2 more guys.
    Hey man, are you guys (Heavy Hitters) going up to Ruidoso next weekend for their open tourney? If so, do you need anyone? Let me know. I don't want to go to Ruidoso to play D and keep the ball in the park. I'd like to play open if at all possible. LMK, thanks.
    what up bro how have you been. see your selling vinci now. they make a 15" let me know
    No I haven't swung it but fairly certain it won't compare to the LC because the LC is a USSSA bat....
    Have you swung the .12 or Stadium yet? If so how does it compare to the best bat out there right now. Legend
    Sorry I just saw this.... I dont look at my own page much. I play with a Team called "Rejects" Managed by Jack Frost, you probably know him, former UA player. My name is Jimmy. I am friends with JV, Pepper, Wade, and Ryan.
    Traded for a bat I bought for $160 so price is a 10. The only knock I have on this bat isn't even a bad thing hard to explain not sure if it is barrel rebound or handle flex but on contact sometimes it feels like I just broke the bat then I go back examine it an it is still GTG. Other than that it is the hottest thing I have ever touched bar none great pop, distance, sound, durability, sweetspot and looks this just maybe my bat of choice for years to come I can't imagine it getting any better than this.

    what happened since this post???/ LOL
    Thought u had said u had one coming as a return.. Oh well I will add mine to my bag I likey the Mikenz
    Naw bro, i bought it from a board bro, double d, big mike and i swang it and it was real solid but just 26 maxload was just not my style, but for sure getting a mv-1 to give it a full review
    was great playing with ya again be safe on your trip
    holla at me when you get back
    remember you always got a spot in killeen
    wus up travis? good to meet ya and taking some BP! thanks for that coin to put it in my wifes collection, hop to see ya again before ur journey! take care man
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