Hebrew Hacker

Leadoff, OF

Softball, single malt scotch
Oct 14, 1979 (Age: 42)
South Jersey
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My COMbats (112 and counting): B198FP, MorphedFP (x2), VirusFP (x11), VirusFPISF (x6), ThrottleFP, AV (x14), Morphed, Blue Senior, Gray Senior, Red Senior, OGB1 2nd batch, OGB1 1st batch (x4), OG B198, Sig Series (B198 & Da Bomb), '06 B198, '06 Da Bomb, OG Virus (x2), OG Gear (x3), BBGV (x2), Plague, Custom JMac Plague, DS (x3), OGSB (x3), SBRI (x4), MM Gear (x2), Enhanced (x3), '05 C4, '06 C4, Throttle, Censored, Uncensored (x2), PM Virus (x4), LV (x3), MC105 Maple Wood, Tri-Wood, Afflicted (x3), GS (x5), Lisa Fernandez, JM26 Wood, DB (x3), GSR, Morphed prototype, Combatant (x3), DG, Morphed OS, Demo Virus, Spike, Assault
The COMbatants - #13 - Hebrew Hacker (The Slacker)


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