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    For Trade Fast pitch Vendetta

    A 32/20 Vendetta. It is my daughters bat. Used for 2 years of HS and 3 years of Rec. she wasn’t a masher it has pleantycof life left on it. $75 plus shipping Pics are to large text me for pics if it is allowed. 5082124973
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    For Sale/Trade 2014 Easton L6.0 SP14L6 26oz SOLD

    Is the bat still available
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    26 twisted mistress

    Convo sent
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    GTG My Dude Bird25 is GTG

    My Dude Bird25 is extremely GTG.
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    For Sale New stamp utrip, stadiums and a 30 oz fse (ALL SOLD)

    Let me know and I will take it. What year stadium is it?
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    For Sale New stamp utrip, stadiums and a 30 oz fse (ALL SOLD)

    Is that 27 Stadium still available
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    For Sale/Trade 2012 Worth Mayhem BJ Fulk 27 oz

    Dumb question. Does it have the Thumb U Trip stamp?
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    LTB Used Baseballs

    02703 I am in Attleboro Ma.
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    LTB Used Baseballs

    I am looking for used baseballs PM me or what ever LMK thanks I have a few sticks to trade for them if you like of CASH these are older Sticks also Freak 98 type thanks again
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    Little league bats

    Looking for a few little league bats for my guys. I am thinking anything in a 27" and a 29 or 30"/ I have a few Sticks to trade for them Freak 98 28 oz a Bass ASA Pink a Bass ASA Quake Easton SCX 14 to name a few all in good shape. Pics to follow. It is AllStar Season so I was thinking a 27"...
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    How do I handle this?

    There is a new guy on my team who is a Pitcher the problem is he is not good as a pitcher. I do have a guy coming who is a pitcher and pitched in Fla last year I think in the E Worlds. So whats the best way to tell Guy A that he ios out. Ani I dont think he can play any other position Thanks.
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    LTB Couple bats!!

    I have a Freak 98 28 oz i believe. A Easton SCX 14b 27 oz Lmk
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    Raw Power 6.0

    Has anyone swung one of these Was thinking to get one to replace My OG Salvo that snapped in half this year. I think Hands down the best bat I have swung. But the Durability was an issue. Any Input would be great Thanks
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    LTB Fast Pitch

    Looking for a bat for my daughter she is 12 and is out growing her old bat a Jenny Mendoza. looking for a 34 inch Thats about it. She will be playing tourny ball this year alos. As far as what kind I am open to anything composite Thanls