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    Is this right?

    correct, an out if it hits the runner while both the runner and the ball are in fair territory, foul ball if foul territory
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    LTB general purpose glove

    ok, but you could buy three gloves of either style i have suggested for one of the models you are looking for and quite honestly, the leather will not be as good, but you know better what you want i was suggesting the best bang for the buck without having to shop on-line or visit numerous...
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    LTB general purpose glove

    Wilson A9820 if infielder, Rawlings RSGXL if outfielder, eBay has either for $35 or less, i bought both of these models when i started back playing 2 yrs ago when i joined a Sr league at age 69. Can not go wrong with either of these, good leather in both models.
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    Is this right?

    where do these "umpires" come from? how can a batted ball, whether fair or four, ever be called a ball by the plate umpire. Ruling is: batted ball in fair territory that strikes batter/runner in fair territory, he is out. Batted ball that may strike in fair territory but continues and hits...
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    Umpire Equipment

    Play it Again Sports mentioned above is always a good option because you can see and try on also for fit. Ebay and Facebook Marketplace are also good options. Local high school coach may have extra mask, chest protector, shin guards that you might borrow also especially when you tell him you...
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    Odd play for me

    Ureout has addressed this play correctly - after F4 tagged second base, R2 is out at second base, therefore the force play is now not in play for R1, he must be tagged prior to arriving at 3B. The original post stated that he ran around the base to avoid being tagged, he is out for running out...
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    Dudley Doom end-load - Grey and Black barrel

    Have hit this bat a couple times in pick-up games and it really has good feel and response, couple 300+ shots and definitely hard line drives. The bat i used was 26oz and has glue rattle and the bat owner said it had the rattle for quite some time, but no visible surface cracks. I have read...
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    Safety Practices When Pitching

    tbipitch -- Have you ever heard the expression, "Don't be THAT guy?" You're that guy. What a big, brave man to instruct your teammates to intentionally hit at an opponent only 46 -50 feet away, a softball traveling possibly 100 mph. What a ****head
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    ASA anyone has done the USA softball 2022 test? or not available yet for you?

    [PDF] USa softball Umpire Exam - website for 2022 umpire exam, i downloaded and saved as a pdf file
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    Great website for softball related injury and Sr softball players especially

    Under the section, Softball Training, I was tired of looking at the scammer post from October about personal trainer and thought this would be extremely helpful for anyone with injuries but also for anyone interested in increasing their flexibility. One of my Sr teammates injured both...
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    2016 Adidas Melee 2

    bump to top, one last time, hopefully in time for Christmas, thanks if you have one that you will part with, RR
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    How do you store your gamer over the winter?

    A dozen !!?? Not a baker's dozen (ha ha), but looks like "old faithful" Wilson at bottom of picture has the ball inserted, glove perfectly broken in and hinged right where you want it, stored for the off-season. You have some nice gloves, my friend. RR
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    debate this obscuration or no call?

    I would have obstruction if contact was made BEFORE the fielder caught the ball, this didn't happen. The fielder clearly caught the ball and made one step up the line from home plate, runner slid into the fielder, and fielder applied the tag, no obstruction if i am making this call.
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    2016 Adidas Melee 2

    Just like dunkky, I'm looking for year end sale, used bat, old man or old friend price, "I HOPE"
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    Has anyone had PRP following a TKR?

    My second daughter is a Dr in research group for Eli Lily and she said that the PRP theory for repair of athletic injury is not viable. She said the single best therapy after knee replacement is to find the toughest, meanest, non-compromising therapist that will work you beyond what you think...