Bat Tape


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What the preferred bat tape nowadays? There are tons out there but are they really any better than the classic sports tape?


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I think that's just a personal preference thing. I personally prefer something like Lizard Skin over sports tape. I also have an old Ressy 454 Sick that still has the factory grip on it because I like it that much.


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vuk grips feel good, thin/comfortable, good grip. different feel than the lizard skins, Vulcans though.


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Friction tape if you want the stickiest, hockey tape next, then athletic tape if you want it to be slick after three abs.


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I just put Vulcan on my new bat. Feels good, hopefully holds up better then lizard skins, those are not durable at all.


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I usually keep og grips on until they wear out then if i find a lizards skin for cheap I'll throw one on..

I received a bat from BOLTMAN21 and he did a nice tape job, dont recall what kinda tape it is but feels very nice imo.. maybe he'll chime in on this thread to luk so i can grab spme of it


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prefer grip to tape but it doesn't matter much to me. stock is fine and I add a small taper to all my bats at the knob with hockey tape.