Effective Appetite Suppresants?


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Slim XTreme was the best appetite suppresant I ever used. Now that it's off the market, is there some sort of consensus on the best appetite suppressant now available? Whether it's a standalone product or rolled into a general fat burner doesn't matter.


Willpower, some sort of cardio work, such as intervals and weight training for an effective-long lasting lifestyle change. Good luck. And it is free!


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Thinking like Fro Joe, lots of water and prepare snacks like carrot sticks, celery sticks to fill you up between meals


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Black Mambas are a decent appetite suppressant....well worked for me pretty well....as well as the above statements......but be ready a good amount of time on the toilet for the first few days....LOL



couple months ago i took OxyELITE Pro by USP labs.....after i finished the bottle i dropped 14lbs...when i took it i weighed 206...im now at 186...but it was a great suppresant...give it a try


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Meth. People on that are hella skinny - they must have no appetite.

The rotting teeth probably help out with the not wanting to eat much, too