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My favorite fields to play in was a 225' field with a 2 HR limit. Played on that one for a season. ridiculous fun.

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the field i play at is 280 to left 10 foot fence. 290 to center 10 foot fence, and a whopping 260 to right, with about a 25 foot fence, its basically 3 10 foot pieces stacked up, with some overlap. It is an ASA league. I wish i was a lefty, id have about 10 more HRs.


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265 down the lines, 275 in center, 10 ft fences. Was originally a baseball field in the 40's or 50's and hasn't really changed much.


Most of the fields around here are from 300-320. BLD has some oddballs but I don't know the dimensions and one park has some that are, iirc, 285.


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293 to left
293 to center
247 to right with the 20 ft silver monster in right to right center. There is a street which is right against the right field corner.

Wind blows in most of the time.

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Midwest and South always have seem 300 to 310ish all the way around. Granted I was never at every single park in the world so I am not picking on CT people, but while in the Hartford, CT area several times they seemed to be newer fields and were all in the 280 to 285 all the way around???? What's up with that? Have seen it at a tourney in the DC area as well. Is it an east coast thing? Or I take it I just have not been at a lot of east coast fields?