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As far as launch and spin are concerned, theEpic Speed is similar to Mavrik. Callaway describes it as mid-spin, though for some golfers it will be the lowest-spinning driver in the new Epic lineup.

From golfspy so not actually less spin just “some”


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I typically would be in a LS version of a driver head but was fit into the Speed TD this last time. I will have to find the Trackman data but I feel like it spun less than the non-TD LS version for me.


I got the epic speed 3 wood



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I just looked into getting my 6 year old group lessons at a club around the corner. Her little friend started so she wants to join. I just got the info. There is a $20K lesson package for the year. What in the actual ****?


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I don't have my clubs in Michigan and my fitting is rescheduled for Sunday. How important is it to set a base line? Seems like if we are trying to determine the best shafts, lie, lempf, etc, your current set shouldn't matter all that much?
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