Great website for softball related injury and Sr softball players especially

Under the section, Softball Training, I was tired of looking at the scammer post from October about personal trainer and thought this would be extremely helpful for anyone with injuries but also for anyone interested in increasing their flexibility.

One of my Sr teammates injured both hamstrings early in the 2021 season; his Dr gave him this website and he used the exercises and stretching techniques suggested on this website. I had plantar fasciitis in left foot and thought it may never heal, but now after using exercises from these guys and using high quality inserts in all of my shoes, hopefully i've recovered close to 95%.

They are a bit corny in their presentations, but their analysis and remedies are spot on. Hope this helps someone else.

Bob and Brad are both physical therapists.
- go to site and click videos..... put in your specific injury.
- most exercises are layered and modified to fit your needs
- the videos are informative and provide many exercises that can be done at home with very little equipment.
- many videos on how to strengthen and condition many ailments.
- great suggestions especially for older people/athletes on how to improve health and fitness levels