Replica transactions are no longer allowed


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Due to the store getting legal cease and desist notices from certain companies we are ceasing ALL replica/counterfeit transactions.
This is in effect immediately and any threads will be deleted and may be subject to a warning or infraction.

This includes but not limited to Oakley, beats, jerseys, shoes or any other replica or counterfeit items that were previously allowed.


White Samoan
The ****ing goose-stepping is getting loud up in here....

The mods should put on a bright Red Pair of those turf CLOWNSHOES they have on sale....



Ice Nine

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Never really bought items like this knowingly, might have a fake M&N jersey or two hanging in the closet I'm not too sure about. Anyway, replica Beats must have sounded absolutely horrible because real Monster products sound like crap. Same goes with replica/real Bose products. Both products are overpriced crap. I bet the first cease and desist letter that came in was from Monster.