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  • I've been getting junk trash email from a Chinese source... I'm concerned without the HTTPS that's not attached to your web page. LMK ASAP as to what is going on...? It may require me to delete my SBF account.. thank you
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    Dont worry about that.
    That was spam and nothing else...

    Most "hackers" go after the very large institutional sites not private individuals.
    Can you get the malware off SBF please? Site is being filtered and it isn't just me, it's a lot of folks.
    Mr. Sonic, i would image there will no secret santa this year?
    I was debating if it would be worth it or not, we missed last year but if there is enough people who would want it I suppose we could bring it back
    Is the feedback system broken? I'm trying to leave feedback and it's saying that I'm not the original thread starter
    Dude, I have 998 PMs out of a maximum of 200 allowed.... very funny.

    You should let me back in the Lounge now. I'm sad and the OSPB is scary.
    Had a guy message me a question about a thread in the OSPB. I just noticed I don't have access to it? Any specific reason you know of?
    Why was my thread closed I was asking for a price and I never mentioned new bats,,
    You recently deleted a post by Matt3508 and I need to see it. I think he stole my bat and it was the original thread was the post I responded to. He said in that thread to reach him by email. We traded bats and I never received mine. I'm kinda sick to my stomach right now and don't know what to do. Any advice? I know I'm new and I screwed up. I am way to trusting I guess! Please help.
    Sonic, this is Jim Allen aka jallennh. I just made a post about retiring and wondered could it be pinned to the top with the other three you have under Demarini? Thanks

    Jimmy Allen
    Sonic.....AJ has either banned my account or threatened to do so.....Can you please review what has happened and take the what actions are justified? I did get rude with him, but felt that i was being bullied
    Hey Sonic, I just updated to the all perk options and it says to PM you my color choice for my user title... here it is
    85 26 139
    Is there a way to get feedback rating after you have successfully made a few trades? If so where can you see this feedback on peoples Personal page. I have only been a member for a few days But I have closed 3 deals and of traded four bats and shipped them right away. Where does the feedback rating or good to go status appear on a persons page
    I just wanted to take the time to say Thank You for making the Roddy thread. I really appreciate it.
    I am wanting to contact a Combat rep. in my area. Blue Springs, Mo. just east of Kansas City. Thanks.
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