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I like the idea of keeping this on top. Maybe even as a sticky. However, 99% of people still won't read the rule books.


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Don't forget folks, for most leagues, these next few weeks into OCT
are their last games unless you're in warmer climates.
Don't forget to ask for old 2010 rule books in
your local league offices!
Just went by a few ASA league offices and suddenly they are all free
now, even the whole box + score books if you want. :rolleyes:;)


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It is available on their website...BUT only if you are a registered (paid) member of the NFHS. I'm not aware of any other on-line source for their rules.


Thanks for the link to the Utrip rules book. Where can I get a copy to keep on me if I want to ump this year? I imagine it's through their website but I don't find that they're very responsive to emails as I've asked them questions before. Thanks for the help.


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Old softball bats

This is my second time playing softball, I have a BOMBAT MEATHEAD MODEL 50000, EASTON SX-1-3433 NATURAL PRO BALANCE, BOMBAT WHOMP + WHIP 398500. How can I find out if these bats can be used in my rec coed softball league?