Ugh... 1st Game of the Season, and I'm THAT GUY Already... sigh


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It's spring again and the flowers are growin,
and the butthurt, ohhhhhhhh the butthurt


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If you had questions you should have brought them out on the field.

I have done it before and one time I was wrong, but I was glad I questioned it anyway just to make sure. I have even called out teams I suspected I was going to play against to let them know that I was going to call out a bat if they decided to use it. Or I would leave it up to them and pull out my own utrip bats.


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Uh you guys know that plenty of OG/Current ASA bats get just as hot or hotter than Utrip bats right? Youre not saving anyone from injuries just so you know, if you were how the hell are there Utrip/NSA bats on the market in the first place? If they were so hot everyone in those associations would be dead or maimed.....Are you playing in Adult "Developmental" Leagues or something? Jesus, just ****ing play.....and for the record I dont swing glass, or utrip bats in ASA league. That said rolling the ball to pitcher and walking off the mound would make your melon one big bullseye around here. IJS

which would probably make his melon the safest melon on the field....'around there'

how ****ing old are you? Call me out for cheating and I'll hit a softball at you? Jesus ****ing Christ, you're a prepubescent ****-****....


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Not sure if this would make a difference to the issue, but in Canada just recently the Slopitch National organization (SPN) accepted USSSA bat standards on par with ASA bat standards. So I guess it depends on your league and where you are playing if this ruling makes any difference