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I have a forum and store as well that some of you have joined. As i get bigger the prices will continue to drop. :cool:
PH's seem to common in the Softball world. If any SoftballFans member needs the hook up on PH's i can do that with a PM.


Do Not Order Anything From HomeGymCentral/

:mad:I want to warn anyone looking to buy any home equipment to not use this company. :mad:

I placed an order for a Powertec Workbench Leverage gym on the 23rd of May because they had a sale price of $699(usually $845 or $999). I received confirmation and returned the sales sheet like they ask because the order is over $400 and they require it. Item was suppose to ship within 1-2 weeks. 2 weeks pass and have not been billed for the item or recieved a shipping date, so I call them to see what was the hold up. They tell me that they have no information and that they will call me back when they find out. No call, I call again today to see what's going on and they tell me that Powertec is not answering their phone or responding to their emails and they would cancel my order. I told them to keep my order and after that call I phoned Powertec to see what's up. They tell me that they have my gym in stock but haven't received my order via and that HGC is the problem. I call back HGC and tell them that Powertec is answering the phone and are awaiting my order from them. Aaron from HGC tells me I can call Powertec to order the gym since I'm able to get a hold of them. So, I call Powertec and they said HGC just called and said they forgot to order my gym and weren't going to order it since the price went back up. Long story short, Powertec honored the OG price I was buying the gym for and were the ****nit customer assistance wise, and HGC is a piece of **** company that doesn't want to honor their advertised price.

:)Powertec CS GTG:)

:mad:HomeGymCentral is major NGTG, eventhough they'll meet any price they are not worth the hassle to save a couple of bucks:mad:
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Labor Day Blowout!

We’ve decided to a special for Labor Day this year. The following items will be on discount well below wholesale cost. There is a limited supply on many of these items so they are on sale until they are out of stock.

$200 orders will also receive a free Lockout T-Shirt

Sale Items:

ALRI: Pro Anabol
ALRI: Venom Tri-Lean
ALRI: Evo Stack
Cytosport: Monster Milk Chocolate
Cytosport: Monster Milk Vanilla
Cytosport: Monster Milk Cookies n Cream
Cytosport: Musckle Milk Light Stawberry/Banana
LGI: Pro-Stanivar
LGI: PheraDrive
LGI: EQ-250
Lockout: Smash Weight T-Shirts
MRI: Black Powder, Fruit
MRI: Black Powder, Blue Rasp
MRI: Black Powder, Orange
Purus Labs: E-pol
Purus Labs: Halovar Inslinsifide
Purus Labs: M14-E
Purus Labs: Nasty Mass
VPX: NO Shotgun, Exotic Fruit
VPX: NO Shotgun, Grape Bubble Gum
VPX: NO Shotgun, Watermelon
VPX: NO Shotgun, Black Cherry
VPX: Synthesize Punch
VPX: Synthesize Grape


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Finally ...
Placed an order with Greg (GRAYHORSE) from the lockout store. Great prices, fast delivery and a Softballfans discount. Greg is one of the good guys.
Thanks for the hook-up Greg!!!


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legal PH's

Primordial Performance has some of the best legal PH's available. the new Andro Series is awesome. discount codes: firstreferral for 25% off, SPONSOR10, PP15%, check it out


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Just joined your site bro, looking forward to getting some great info. I made a post in the newbies section.