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I want to start a thread that contains most, if not all, of the nutrition, training and informational websites, forums and blogsites. I also want to add in the webstores that have decent prices on commonly used supplements/foodstuffs.

Iron Addicts
Strength Mill
JP Fitness
Robert Remedios
Baseball Fever
Baseball and Fastpitch Forum
Lockout Forums

Alwyn Cosgrove
John Berardi
Milos Sarcev
Bas Rutten
Mike Boyle--Body by Boyle
Mike Boyle--Strength Coach
Robert Remedios
Westside Barbell
Adrenaline Sports and Fitness
Get Strength
Elite Fitness Systems
Clarence Bass
Critical Bench
Stack Mag
Athletic Precision
Inno Sports Programs
The Athlete Project
Body Fat Calculator
Boxing Training
Siggys hitting and Throwing clips
Baseball Training Secrets
Bat speed training
Baseball Coach
Mike Macenko--House of Swing
Strength Training for Baseball players
Mike Robertson
John Ducane
Eric Cressey

Video Demonstrations of Exercise Technique's video page.htm

Alwyn Cosgroves Blog
Alan Aragons Blog
Robert dos Remedios Blog
Eric Cressey Blog
Calories Per Hour

True Protein--Use BNH100 for a 5% discount
Discount Anabolics
Tiger Fitness--use Softball Fans for a 5% discount
Lockout Forum Store--use SBFans as a discount code from GRAYHORSE

Please feel free to post up, or PM, the website and I will add it to this master list.
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General Training Sites

Sports Training

Video Demonstrations of Exercise Technique's video page.htm

Baseball/Softball Sites

Miscelleneous - Body Fat Calculator - Boxing Training


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I just want to say that has the best service of any online store I have used. Info on their forum can be hit and miss, but the store's service is pretty awesome.


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This is a new company that looks interesting.
They launch the product aug. 1st.
They also have a forum section that give lots of advice and videos.
They had me switch to the 1/4 method and it is a great workout.


Active Member powerlifting section has a lot of big name guys on there. same as above has some decent stuff.


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T-Nation... not so much the entire site, as much as some of the contributing authors... great articles all around...


Well if you have never heard of then you need to. They offer one supplemnet a day at a discounted price. Some good, some crap. Today they have a fat burner with Ephedra for 9.99. Its not like the old stackers but it will work.

Also check out they offer one sup a day also.


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I've created a new website for coaches, trainers, and sport performance specialists. It's called CoachBook. It's like Facebook, but without all of the annoying teenagers :) It's a place where sport professionals can interact with each other and promote their services and products. I've gotten a few big name strength and conditioning coaches to sign up, including Charles Staley. Check it out and lemme know what you think.......