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    For Sale NWOT L Marucci Batting Gloves

    Still available by any chance?
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    Anarchy Warlock

    just to be that guy, We scaled my buddy’s warlock against mine, both 26 but one scaled 26.1 and the other 26.3. I’ve heard some people mention the warlock having more pronounced end load than the Demon but when I swung my warlock side by side with a Demon, the demon felt more pronounced ‍♂️...
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    Anarchy Warlock

    I was also going to say THAT! Kidding, sorta. I was going to compare it to Mikens F2P handle. I like it, it’s a little stiff but still plays nice, honestly to me it feels a lot like my crush
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    Anarchy Warlock

    This was literally what I coming to say except I was going to say not flexy like Deuce/Juggy
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    Anarchy Warlock

    I had put my $$ towards the Warlock ‍♂️ Honestly though, for $11 not a bad tee at all
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    Anarchy Warlock

    I got you, this is me with the Warlock using 44s and about 40 hits on the bat. That fence is only 220’ but you can see I’m consistently past it Also, I was consistently getting an exit speed in the mid 70s, occasionally peaking as high as 82mph...
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    hey bud, checking in again! wondering if you wanted to play still? We got a couple of tourneys...

    hey bud, checking in again! wondering if you wanted to play still? We got a couple of tourneys coming up could use an outfielder. text me if your interested 323-695-4761
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    hey man, can you text me? 323-695-4761

    hey man, can you text me? 323-695-4761
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    Player available in So Cal

    Send me a PM
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    Utrip and Asa barely used

    Still have balanced primo?
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    LS Z4 endloaded (27oz)

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    LS Z4 endloaded (27oz)

    Swinging balanced bats these days, just can’t jive with the end load anymore I guess. It’s a 27 on the knob but scales 26.6. Not see how many swings since I got it in a trade but it’s supposed to be around 300 or so, no seams or cracks at all. Would sell for $100 shipped but looking for Asa...
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    Balanced/ midload ASA 26oz

    Prefer 12" barrel but curious to what's out there. Have $150 to spend. No flippers please
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    LTS/LTT: 26oz Deuce

    Traded locally
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    Odd Sound 2018 Miken Freak 20th Anniversary Maxload ASA

    Nah, just he inner barrel plus the composite material that is used. If it sounds like this, you are good to go