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    Miken Mag 7

    Anyone hit the Miken Mag 7 yet? How does the performance compare the the Melee 2?
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    New to Senior Ball

    Nice. Where is the best place to get the Adidas?
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    New to Senior Ball

    The Johnny Baily looks nice. Any thoughts on it ?
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    New to Senior Ball

    Finally able to play 40+ and was curious which bat to look at. I would prefer a 2 piece and 12" barrell. What are your recommendations?
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    For Sale 3 Lights out Demar's

    Pm sent!!!!
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    For Trade 17 2500 Torch

    Convo sent
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    For Sale Doz Classic+ Softballs used

    Pm Sent. I will take them
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    Sin City Tournament

    I am looking to play in the Sin City Tournament in Las Vegas October 15th and 16th. Strongest position is pitching but I have no issues catching, EH, or 1st. Shoot me a text at 16605281980. I have references if necessary. Thanks Brandon Mincy
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    For Sale 27oz J3A

    shoot me a text at 16605281980 we can work something out. I have paypal waiting.....
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    For Sale/Trade 27oz J3A for sale or trade

    I will take it if the deal falls thru
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    For Sale 27oz Juggy with Extras for sale

    Pm sent.........
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    Sis cl22

    So if you send a SIS in you can get an Insane USSSA in return?