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  • Hey the T's and they are nice...I left good feedback for ya...Thanks
    Marc, I'll PM you, I was wondering why I hadn't heard back from Hick as I saw him about a month ago and then contacted him after...damn.
    hey Charl,
    I had the pleasure of playing an E tourney in East Prov yesterday with Paul{Newtothegame} and the Misfits. Great bunch of guys. On a sadder note, have you heard the news about Hick's brother?
    That's cool you're doing that with your Dad. Rain can be just as annoying if you can't play but it's still warmer than here, that's for sure.
    Sounds like fun. My pops and I are gonna stay most of the week since hes retired and wants to bond some more. See some baseball and even a Suns game I think. We are getting so cal winter right now. Rain on every league night I have had for 3 weeks. Im so glad we dont have actual winter here or Id be pissed.
    More curious on how long you all are staying. Just asking around. Also, it really does sound like a blast to watch the guys Ive only really heard about swing it. You bringing a husband with you? If so does he play? Is he on here? I dont ask a million questions typically, so I dont know most peoples stories, just curious.
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