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    Bubba Club

    I know this a old post but finally got to hit today about 2 months since I had a chance to hit busted out the club and was smoking the ball a few pushing 370 380, i have around 250 swings on it and I may just us it as a gamer now.
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    Pure still good?

    We hit mine today on a 325 ft field all the way round with 44 375s and classic ms and was easily hitting them out, hit a few of my farthest in awhile 400 plus, mine is a 26.5 with 300 or 400 swings and webbed up, sounds like a shot gun now. It was out hitting my Reyna, my buddy's freak hybrid...
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    35 & over ks,mo,ok ?

    Does anyone know if there is any 35 and over tournaments in these areas. Not sure all places to look.
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    Pure still good?

    I think it was a bad batch that the handle deal happened, my 1st pure broke at the handle in 40 swings my replacement is over 100 and nothing yet, but they did me right and got me another bat without counting on my return.
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    Twisted Sports/ That Wax

    we won some in a WSL in OK and he used them, it only took like 3 weeks for some spot dye.
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    Classic M or Classic Plus?

    i will say the leather cover hot dot is ok ball
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    Pure still good?

    My teammate swung my integrity for the 1st time last night and hit a nice dinger with it, now he might be wanting to get one and he really liked the smaller knob on it and didnt need a knob cuff on it. I love this bat has a nice loud crack sound and feels like the SS is pretty good size now.
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    Bat testing

    I havent had a bat tested in like 4 years, they started to then but after taking so long they stopped, then went to only if the pitcher was hit and looked like he couldnt move fast enough, to not at all.
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    Price Check 2015 DeMarini Vizion 26/27

    I would say $150 or less since you can get them new for $175 but either way a friend has one in league and it seems like a hot bat fast.
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    Pro Nine Classic m's any good?

    Well they really wasn't cheaper than anything else around $60 a dozen
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    Is a Ultra II legal for USSSA Play ??

    its basically a senior bat now days but not legal for Utrip or USA softball
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    Orange Crush

    be nice to try one, i have always like mizuno stuff but the bats have been lacking the last few years, the nighthawk was better but still feels behind some of the other bats out.
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    Pro Nine Classic m's any good?

    just looking around and seen pro nine blaze balls are they crap like i think they are or they actually a good ball ?
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    Pure still good?

    yea im not going to spend 300 plus on one, i can wait unit the price drops or just get one off the website for $250, also i dont need a custom one so the wait shouldnt be as long
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    Pure still good?

    27OZ bubba club