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  • You should delete all the other posts that arent in the correct forum. Or do you just not like me for some reason? There are 3 or 4 other threads about bats that need to be deleted. Also ghetto24 has a post in the selling section that isnt even selling a bat so it needs to be deleted also. Get all of them not just the ones "you want to".
    What is the proper place to post this. I thought to sell something, you posted in the sale forum. Thanks
    Read the rules at the top of the forum. The overall board is for multiple bats and bats from companies without their own subforum. You should post your thread in the manufacturer's sub forum.
    Why was my thread deleted? I have a used bat for sale. I dont understand. Please explain!!!!
    It clearly states in the rules to post those in the Easton forum. If there is a particular bat you're looking for you can also post it in the other manu's sub-forum.
    LOL. I should undelete the rest of them. He was sending me pms in between, and sometimes confusing where he'd said what. :D He's better now.
    Let's not go debating on who's very bright and who's not. I'm just ignorant when it comes to cheating at softball, cause I don't have to, but figured that since most of you have or do cheat I'd ask you guys about it.
    Really, you "deleted" my other thread when a guy asked directly about rolling a bat, which is clearly altering it, and that's still up?!?!? You're a ****ing joke. Please kick me off this site, Moderator Nazi.
    What forum should i be in then I'm new and well u know just wanna get rid of this bat any info would help thanks.

    Interesting. I don't know how I feel about Calipari, but the others won't bother me. I'd like Ford if I thought he'd do as well as the other two. Donovan would be a good finger to the Florida fans. :D Keep me posted! Maybe I'll buy a bat from you. haha
    Just a few minutes ago. Gonna be Donovan, Calipari or ...... Travis Ford. Probably one of those 3 from what I hear.
    can you hook up the STEELERS thread to read 2009 instead of 2008?
    thanks a bunch & hope all is good in GA for ya
    If you read the sticky at the top it says you can post it in both the Easton and the Worth forums.
    why would you delete my post it cant go in just 1 manufacturers im trading a easton for a wourth
    Is it that bad? I heard a local poll almost as many people said they'd rather have Tubby back.
    No prob bro, did'nt think you were. Just kind of confused when I see other board bros trading and selling mikens, worths, eastons and others in the general forum.
    No problem. I didn't remember which thread was yours but went back and read it. You just need to put it in the Worth forum. Didn't mean to sound like a prick.
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