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  • How about fixing your bad deals instead of roaming our site. Looking for someone else to rip off scammer?
    Mike I'm sure your a great guy in all but why go down this way after being on this site for so long. Mike all I want is what the deal we had made and just it a day like all the other ones you have had in the pass with other members.....
    Hey Mike where are my bats? Havent heard from you since june 15th. Day your wife signed for bats i sent you. I have pmd you, emailed you, and even text and called number i got off of a thread you put up!!!! Funny u have time to log on but not to reply to pms???? Come on man you dont want to ruin your rep over one deal do you?
    115 on the 205 its a 34/24 Id rate it about a 7-8 on a scale of 10, 175 on the 305, its a 34/26, Id rate this one a 9.9, its basically New Out of the Wrapper & it was owned by Lisa Fernandez
    Yup I got the pics. I don't know how to post either. I'm mulling over a few options right now, and waiting for some funds to come to my pp account. There was a mix up. Will let u know tonight.
    Thanks for the offer. I love the bat, but it's just a little heavier then I'm use to swinging. The times I've caught it off the sweet spot, this is far and beyond the sickest bat I've ever hit with, but if I can't be consistent enough with the 28oz version, it doesn't matter if I'm popping up or grounding out how much pop the bat has. I'm going to give it a shot for another couple weeks to see if I can get more use to it, if not, I'll keep you in mind before I post it on here to sell/trade it. FYI, I do throw it up for trade, I'm not too big of a fan of the combat bats, I'd be more interested in an 08 reaper, recoil maxload, or og ext in like a 26oz plus cash, or another sb73v in like condition (mine is very minty, has MAYBE 50 total swings on it, no webbing or end cap wear, just a few paint chips from Chicago fields) I'll let you know if and when I make up my mind on what to do with the bat though.

    Thanks for the interest!
    Yep I just checked....wish I would have come up with thecash sooner. Im not looking to for one to sell later I need one to use!! Thx tho
    This is a gtg,paid for the bat friday and waz shipped out mon and recieved it on virus is in a-1 condition thanks bro...combat 4 life,......
    How many hits are on your plague? I went out and puts about 60-70 hits on the Omaha. Although it is in like new condition.
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