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  • gonna get shed of my recoil for another craze , how long you known chy. I just dealt with him, nice guy super knowledgeable
    OHHHHh yeah, shoot. I just got the new craze from Chy and its sick. Im tryin to sell the tech if you want it. Gotta get me another craze
    hay bud i broke my freny this past wkend last swing was bomb lol.... u think theres a chance i can get the craze for a return
    Sorry I had internet issues. I can do 130.00. I need to get another team bat.
    How come Rusty parted with Mizuno? i was very fortunate to play with Rusty and Jmac in the Phoenix superdraft...man they hit the s**t out of the ball........both were swingin combat
    Not much Nach, long time no hear from......... I'm back on the unemployment market again after 16 months of contracting. Had a couple of interviews, but no offers as of yet. Getting a little nervous. Unemployment only offers like 275.00 a week tops down here, which better than nothing, but I am used to bringing home double that.....

    I guess you heard about Rusty, he had sent me an e-mail that Combat had offered him a Full Time Job, who can blame him there. He is a good dude.

    Hope all is well up north.
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