All BBJ wants for Christmas is his two front teeth...


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I have 2.5 more days of school left this year. This last half has been a blur. I'll probably have 2 more practices after school this week, sectional track meet Saturday and state Friday/Saturday on the 20/21st and then I'm done!!! Just summertime fun after that!


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We were supposed to play a tourney here in Columbia, but it was obviously rained out. I had someone to cover for me at work, so I've just been sitting on my ass all weekend. I think this is how the other half lives.


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Evils then X Rocks.

almost sent you a message out on fb or youtube asking this exact same thing, but figured i'd come poke around here first. need to get some balls for como leagues.

could decide between evil, xrocks, or tattoos. was thinking maybe some big sharks, evil it will be.