All BBJ wants for Christmas is his two front teeth...

The BP Hero

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Taco was insanely hot out of the wrapper.
Did it go dead as it was used?
Trying to get pics to post, but I have this damn flip phone.:eek:
Guys im lost. Whats going on in here?
Come here and let me whisper in your ear. You'll figure out pretty quick.
Literally nothing. We've had the same thread for 2 years. It won't die.

Like that poop that you wipe 20 times and it's still there. Like you swear you're just running TP over a brown marker.


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We haven't been stopping by here as much. I've been on the youtubz watching the BP Hero hit dingers.

Thanks for adding material to watch. It keeps the days of testing from not feeling like an eternity.


BP Hero's Sidekick
Mista Modest. I've seen you dingerz.

Between your channel and watching football videos for next season I've actually had something to do during these last few school days.