For Sale GroundHogs homemade Carolina style BBQ sauce


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anyone receive their country bobs coupon yet???? I haven't.....I have had the worst luck with bbq sauce this year


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For the past 8 months I have hurried home from work, anxious to check the mail, only to walk away disappointed yet again. This madness must stop!


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What a crook. Karma usually catches up with people. Sorry to everyone that got shafted by this guy and his friends (who disappeared really quickly when they realized their buddy was taking people for a few hundred 'easy' dollars).


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Why don't you guys call his local police service. This is fraud. No brainer here. Let them pay a visit to dummies house and speak to him. There is enough evidence on this page alone. ijs.


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i can't believe this is still going...i backed him up originally, but now **** no....what a pos