For Sale GroundHogs homemade Carolina style BBQ sauce


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Let me know when the next order goes in. Pissed I missed out on this one. I would have gotten way more than $20 worth of bitching out of it....


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I'll put an order together. First, let me get my wish list, um, I mean ingredients list together. I'll do it when I am done playing a bunch of Facebook games.


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I have some stuff to trade for some of this if anyone got theirs yet. Should be there soon, I know the burros all went out over a year ago.


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I find it funny every time I jump in and see this was bumped, just a good reminder of all of us that got ****ed


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So did anyone ever even file anything against this douche? Or did everyone just let him get away with their funds?


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Had a Carolina barbeque burger at Burger King last week, I thought of this thread while I was eating it.