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I was wearing the Vikings shirts all this week and will be wearing the Gopher gear all next week. Absolute pro level troll move to play Jump Around once all the students were on the field.


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Warren posted on another site that it's official. The Dudley will not be a Conference USSSA event in 2022. I had heard it was possible and was being pushed by Stro, no reason that I can see when I compare it to other Conference events around the country.

I have to laugh a bit because yea The Dudley isnt what it once was, but it is professionally run and still one of the better conference events in the county. There is still a decent turn out of softball diehards that come out and watch the dudley. When i was in the conference people always asked if me what the atmosphere was like.....I said 90% of the events it was non existent or dead most of the events had little to no fans. The Columbus major was one of my favorites events because of the turf complex yet had hardly anyone fan wise, Detroit last chance no one, Chicago a few locals came out but hardly anyone, Chattanooga major no fans, the Indianapolis majors had no one, Baltimore, Atlanta, KC ect ect. I said i have to laugh some because some of the pokduk places that have gotten conference events are no where near as good as the Dudley. Places like Columbus Indiana, Aurora/Loeland CO, Saint Louis, Baltimore, Reno NV, Broken Arrow OK, maybe xtreme ending their conference run had more to do with it since they sponsored the dudley as well? Sucks i grew up watching this event as a kid, chasing home runs in the woods hit by Fred/Larry Carter, Rusty Bumgaarder, Scott Virkus ect, lucky enough to play in it many times as well.


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There was a list:
Stagecoach to B
Stoop to B
Smiles for Jake to B
Nasty Boys C
I run for Ryan C
The Squad D
Med City C
Next level C
Sonics D


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mnballer, you’re not missing anything.