Official Last Bat 2022


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Weeknight Over 50 Playoffs
Game1: BB
Game2: HR
Game3: F5, Lost in 3

Hit 3 on the night but season over on this one. 2 more leagues left.


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On average 4 leagues. Sunday Morning. Weeknight Mens, Weeknight Coed and Over 50 mens.

This year is the most games I've played in my career.

To answer the question the average is around 5 games a week.


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Triple, one hopper off the right field fence. Hit a few out and had an overall good game.

However, three other guys and I consecutively shotgun’d three beers each before the first inning… and I defiantly struck out swinging on the second pitch.



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Utrip Tournament
Game1: 53 diving 3rd base snapped me off
Game2: Line Drive over 3rd, Single
Game3: 6-3
Game4: Chip game, Fouled out.

We won it in the bottom of 7th
,16 to 15.

Overall a pretty ugly day @ the plate. Did hit one out of park but timing on Utrip pitches was off
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weekend coed tournament sat night g1 dribbler to ss, lost to eventual finalist, upper level team
g2 backside line out to rf, it was 24f when we left and turf and field frozen, won by run rule
sun morning still frozen and 19f g1 line out to lf, won by run rule
g2 single over 3b bag down the line, won
g3 Lazer straight into ss glove
lost in quarterfinals to upper level team to finish 4th


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After Turkey Tournament
Sub on squad so not sure how many more @ bats left in the year.
Game1: Double to LC
Game2: Walk
Game3: 43 Weak

Lost in Final to a team with 3 BPlayers. Gave them a scare. 19 to 16


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