Official Last Bat 2022


Long night. Subbed for a friend's team immediately after my team's double header

My team
G1: fouled out
G2: sac fly to LC

Other Buddy's team
G1: pop out
G2: Single (game got called early due to thunderstorms moving in and it started to get windy plus raining)

Finally hit my first HR of the season at least tonight...with my first at bat for the subbing games.


Last night's games

G1: hard hit line drive to the gap - Out (due to a ridiculous catch from the guy who played rover)
G2: pop out

Slumping recently and doesn't help I only got 4 total at bats between both games (2 each game). Went 1 for 4 last night with my only hit being a yard sale shot (ball barely missed hitting a car as there is parking lot behind the fence on the field we played last night).