Official Last Bat 2022


Smoked a 1-hopper into the SS chest for an "infield single"

I was only able to hit 1 ball out of the infield all night, but didn't make an out or FC.
Not to say the infielders were bad, their SS was above average; the balls just exploded off my Krecher
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Finally started late summer/fall ball season last night after a nearlymonth break. We started the fist game of a double header but got rained out only 3-4 innings into the game 1. Somehow got a 2nd at bat that game right before we took cover due to crazy heavy rain. Swung at a short pitch (wasn't going to hit the front of the plate short) only because I had a feeling the game was gonna be called after that and took a chance on the rain affectingthe fielders. Weak ground to short and almost beat the throw (10 years ago I would've easily beat it...getting old sucks).