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Watching baseball somewhere
I could do Thursday morning. Got a place too. Just need the softballs. Maybe even Wednesday this week as well. And Friday possibly


What can you guys tell me about softball in the Wisconsin Rapids / Stevens Point area? My wife's job may be requiring us to relocate to the area.


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I dont think Tony is in that area???? Check in with Chris Field - he lives in Point and was state pres for asa..
Or Richard Stitch Draeger


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They went very well... Each tournament increased in numbers from previous years except December but we added coed that weekend now also. January was by far biggest tournament Ive ever run. Ran into being behind but it all worked out in the end... Got another 1 Easter weekend no Sunday games Im close to filling.... So really good actually.. Thanks for asking!


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Do any of my WI board bros have any extra 52/300 softballs laying around they can sell and ship to me? I only need no more than 4-6. Just need them for getting some tee work in in my garage so I don't need a lot. But I want 52/300 to break in some of my Asa bats without using rocks. Thanks. Pm me or text if you got my number.