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Lets get some preseason chatter in here. Figured I'd ask the experts. Easton guy here looking at picking up a Demarini. I've only swung Easton or paid attention to Easton models for years. So who can give me a quick rundown of the aftermath and flipper, what's the difference or is it the same? Also how are the USA models of each, and which years are the best and which are the easiest to obtain. I swung a 16 OG flipper (blue barre) and really liked it. If not that one, which others would be similar. Thanks.


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Wow haven't been in here for awhile but I'll chime in...
For the 2016) the blue og flipper and red usa aftermath have the same barrel "feel". the handle felt stiffer IMO on the usa aftermath. performance is identical too IMO, just get the one that fits your swing. the og flipper has a 13" barrel and the usa aftermath is 12" im pretty sure. the og flipper is more balanced then the usa but the usa is by no means heavily endloaded. Any of the older aftermaths are really good too but in 2016 they come hotter outta the wrapper with hardly any break in needed.


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The Usa aftermath does have a 12" barrel with a slight endload, not much. I personally think the 2015 usa aftermath is better than the 2016. But the '17 Asa lineup is out of control fire. There are a few exclusive models out there that are something special. Look for the Future, Insane, or Omega's, all have crazy pop right out of the wrapper. Good luck! Let us know what you decide.


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Where you guys playing fall? I haven't heard any news from Saratoga. Might be looking for alternate nights anyway. Anything Monday? or Thursday? Friday?

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Shot in the dark here...kinda late but worth a try

Anyone interested in 2 Packers for Thursday night against the Steelers? $100 for the pair. Can text or email pics. Willing to meet SE WI / PM for more info thx
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