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    GTG stillballin is GTG

    I haven't been on here for quite some time and I was very pleased to know that you can still find honest people out there that you can make a trade with. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Thx bro.
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    For Sale 2016 worth *** mayhem 27oz

    I wish this was a 26oz. Great bat here.
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    New Louisville Slugger Z4000 Lineup

    Can someone explain to me about what the disc is and or does in the dual stamp bats? Thx
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    another reason to hate Canada: Z2000 SE

    I bet this will be a tank cuz of the colder temperatures up North. Bat looks sick tho.
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    GSL Texas Info (Global Sports League)

    How do you know what Division your team can play or has to play in. Also the Same question for individual players.
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    For Sale New Balance 4040v2 blue. sz12 $75shipped

    You can find these at Academy sports.
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    Dual Stamp Z help.

    I think it did break. I'm trying to figure out how to upload pics on here from my iPhone. I'm gonna try to get in contact with the warranty dept. ASAP.
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    Dual Stamp Z help.

    I have this dual stamp Z. I've had it for less than a month with 30-40 cuts. I haven't been able to really swing it much due to the crazy Texas weather. Luckily I was finally able to get some cuts this last weekend and it looks like my bat already broke. :( I was wondering if anybody knew if I...
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    For Sale/Trade Tps z2000 jerseys

    Bump for a 2X??
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    Texas TPS tourney team

    My # is 817-915-5038 Can play 3rd or SS. 2nd & outfield.
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    Texas TPS tourney team

    I'd like to join if possible. I live in FTW. Plz lmk. Thx
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    For Sale Black total griffey max 99 NIB

    Shipping to 76114. Interested in the 12s. Do these run wide or narrow?
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    Winter worlds BLD Mansfield sbf team

    Ok thx guys
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    Winter worlds BLD Mansfield sbf team

    Anybody going to be selling any bats Saturday at BLD?
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    2013 BJ Fulk

    Go with the Fulk. The new material for this bat is much better .