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    Evil Wood, next up the Caution

    Any word on if these are gonna be ready for May? I really want a bunch
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    LTB 26 or 26.5oz ASA

    PM sent
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    Players needed for MA/NH mens utrip E tourney team

    Looking for some new players for a Mass/NH utrip mens E team. Middle infielders and outfielders prefered but if you are looking to play shoot me a message.
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    LTB Demarini Corndog

    PM sent
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    Boombah Boss Compressor T3

    I love mine. Only got about 100-150 cuts on it and it is starting to outhit my torch.
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    Boss 3.0 issues and return problems?

    I've dealt with Boombah a few times, always had great service. I'd give them a call, sounds like some signals got crossed or they forgot to ship.
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    Blocked ball what is the ruling

    Yeah I wasn't paying enough attention to the question.
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    Blocked ball what is the ruling

    Are you playing Utrip or ASA?
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    Boombah Bats - Those that have used them.

    I have owned the 14 Boss, the Dually and the T3. T3 is a good bat if you like short barrel endloads. I like the feel and the performance is solid even with only a few cuts on it.
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    Anarchy Awakening bat

    A buddy screen shot Carl on the Militia talking about this.
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    LTB Anderson rocketech or any other anderson ASA stamp

    got a 29oz pyrotech in good shape 2 a 2004 stamp if he is looking to go a little lighter.
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    Best Bat Available? Help!

    If you like the Patriot go get a Miken Freak maxload, its about the same bat.
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    Best Bat Available? Help!

    Flash what bat do you guys swing now?
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    Boombah Boss Compressor T3

    4.0 low compression only? Or can they hit hard balls too?