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BB? That's generous imo
BB is the very least thats is warranted in these situations.. POST NGTG BB SOMETHING!!! JF said he did a quick search or didn't search properly.. if one of the others that sent $$ and got it back after having to contact op over and over it would have come up in his search.

Again this is why the feedback forums are there


This site does yes.

But I also google search all phone numbers before doing a transaction online with a stranger.

It may prove to help someone else down the line.

Yup for sure. I haven't checked the top of the Buying or the NGTG sections, but I wonder if it's worthwhile putting up a sticky on guidelines for things to look for before making a deal if that's not already there.


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yeah I mean literally the only place on this site where something bad could happen

dont need dunky getting called names tho, more important


I often remove crap with no pictures or papers. Get some hate mail for it, but whatever.

Posted before my time and wouldn't have known how to handle this tbh. Has done this a few times in the past, I'd have assumed it's cool to leave it there, he's "helping".