Macenko Weighted Bat Drill


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this is a hidden jewel.. man. wish i would have seen this a month ago. no reason not to try it and many seems witness this drill works. good post..

Phil Stevens

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I have done this drill for 10 years and have been successful at keeping my batspeed constant at age 72. I recently tweaked this drill so I am actually gaining batspeed at my age. I have done the heavy, light, gamer drill since the start, anywhere from 20 to 50 reps for each. I started thinking that by doing the heavy first and 50 reps I've been tiring my muscles strength before I could adequately work on my real goal, speed. So now I have been doing 10 swings with a 33oz. bat, then 20 to 40 swings with a 21oz. bat, then 20 to 40 swings with a whiffle bat, and end with my gamer. Over the last month I have recorded some of my fastest swings ever. Also my left shoulder pain has lessened from the reduction of heavy swings.