This place used to be the bomb.


Putting on the foil
I think the old heads ran off too much young blood. The rules came too late imo. Social media landscapes change fast, and they never cared to choose an identity. The older members policed this place in the 03s, but when the next generation came along they just **** on new members and ran them off, then called them soft.

Getting rid of the shaved bat section was the one choice mgt made that had an immediate and large enough to notice effect, but people want to pretend that's not true. They'd have to admit how much cheating is in this game if they did.

I thought the hazing was part of the sbf board bro experience.


#3 Hitter
Been on here for about 20 years! I took 2019 off from softball due to injuries and being pissed off at the league I was in, and 2020 due to Covid. In 2021 I tried to come back, but more injuries. This year I tried again and I’m back now. Maybe this site can make a comeback too? Hope so.